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What Are The Different Audit Roles?

Auditing provides a diverse range of career opportunities, both inside and outside the financial industry, so what are the different audit roles in the finance industry? It could be that a career as an auditor may be right for you, if you enjoy dissecting the inner workings of almost any aspect of a business.  Whatever…
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What Are The Top 3 Careers In Accounting?

Are you considering the different careers in accounting? Perhaps you’re already on your way to certification? Or maybe you’ve been in the industry for years and need a fresh start? Salaries in the accounting industry continue to rise during an otherwise tumultuous time for recruitment, making it a great time to look for new opportunities.…
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What Qualifications Do I Need To Be An Accountant?

Whether they have the appropriate skills to do the job or not what qualifications do you need to be an Accountant in the UK? Unlike the strict criteria in many other countries, in the UK, anyone can call themself an accountant and start trading! Understandably, this can lead to untold problems for businesses that unwittingly…
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