What Are The Top 3 Careers In Accounting?

What Are The Top 3 Careers In Accounting?

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Are you considering the different careers in accounting? Perhaps you’re already on your way to certification? Or maybe you’ve been in the industry for years and need a fresh start?

Salaries in the accounting industry continue to rise during an otherwise tumultuous time for recruitment, making it a great time to look for new opportunities.

Accounting qualifications can put you on the fast track to a good salary, and there is no shortage of businesses looking for talented staff. 

Here are some of the top careers in accounting and what you can expect from the role: 


  • Accountants handle a wide range of tasks but predominantly look after a business’s financial transactions, recording, analysing and reporting on the data they gather.
  • Depending on the organisation, accountants may do some auditing and will often prepare tax returns.
  • Accountants can be employed by businesses and government organisations or be self-employed. 

How much do accountants make? 

While starting salaries can vary, graduates can expect to earn anywhere up to £40,000. Chartered accountants can make significantly more, with a UK average of £84,500 per annum. 

What qualifications do accountants need? 

While no qualification is required to become an accountant, your chances of employment improve with a relevant degree or AAT course.

For career progression, you can become a Chartered Accountant by completing an accounting course with a reputable provider. 

If you’re a qualified accountant looking for an opportunity with a new company, Samuel Olsen can help. Get in touch today. 

Tax Manager

  • Tax managers manage an organisation’s financial affairs and ensure compliance with all relevant tax laws and regulations.
  • The role can incorporate various tasks, including preparing and filing tax returns, managing tax payments, identifying savings opportunities, and advising the organisation on tax-related issues. 
  • A tax manager may also develop and implement tax strategies, negotiate with tax authorities and represent the organisation in audits or disputes. 
  • As a tax manager, you need a strong understanding of relevant laws and regulations and excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills.

How much do tax managers make? 

The average salary for tax managers in the UK is £60,991, but this can vary greatly depending on location and hours. Senior tax managers earn in the range of £80-125,000.

What qualifications do tax managers need?

The usual career pathway to a tax manager begins with the graduate role of tax advisor, which requires a CTA qualification.

As tenure and experience are gained over time, you increase your chances of being promoted to management level.

If you have ample experience in finance or a proven career in accounting, a sideways shift into tax management is also an option. 

Financial Controller

  • A financial controller is charged with providing clients and colleagues with financial guidance and support so they can make sound business decisions.
  • They are also responsible for ensuring the business meets all relevant legal requirements and regulations. 
  • As a financial controller, you need a good head for numbers, the ability to deal with complex modelling and analysis, and a solid understanding of financial systems and procedures.

How much do financial controllers make? 

The average salary for financial controllers in the UK varies depending on the industry of the organisation they work for, but the average is £75,000 per annum.

What qualifications do financial controllers need? 

Due to the level of fiscal responsibility involved, financial controllers need to hold a relevant degree in a subject such as economics, business or maths, as well as an accountancy qualification.

We’re always looking for great candidates to fill accountancy and finance roles in the UK. 

If you’re interested in any of the roles discussed above, get in touch with our team


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